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Empty canvas.

2015 RAM Promaster 3500, 46,000 miles. Previous owner = plumbing company.

Van bought.JPG
Van empty start.JPG

Sound dampening and floor (insulation + plywood + rubber).

Van floor.JPG
Van floor rubber.JPG

Wall insulation and plywood panels

Van side insulation.JPG
Van walls.JPG
Van side insulation 2.JPG

Ventilation fan installation

Van fan installation 1.JPG
Van fan installation 2.JPG
Van fan installation 3.JPG

Ceiling insulation and paneling

Van ceiling panelling 2.JPG
Van ceiling panneling 1.JPG
Van ceiling insulation and wiring.JPG

Slide out bed

Van bed 1.JPG
Van bed 2.JPG

Front cabinetry frames, including electric fridge

Van frames front 2.JPG
Van fridge.JPG

Electrical and solar panels, 5 x 100W solar, 12V + 110V,

backup alternator charging, mains hookup

Van solar panels.jpg
Van electrical system 1.JPG

Many, many, many visits to Home Depot. Many.

Van home depot.JPG

Garage divider

Van garage divider 5.jpg
Van garage divider 4.jpg
Van garage divider 1.jpg

Garage divider measuring error and correction...

Van garage divider 2.jpg
Van garage divider correction piece.jpg
Van garage divider 3.jpg

Seats with storage

Van storage seat 1.JPG
Van storage seat 2.JPG

Sliding door insulation and panels

Van slide door insulation and panel 3.JP
Van slide door insulation and panel 1.JP
Van slide door insulation and panel 2.JP

Table made from discarded transport pallet wood

Van table 3.JPG
Van table 2.JPG
Van table 1.JPG

Cabinets and counter top

Van main counter 2.JPG
Van main counter 1.JPG

Sink and running water system -- clean/dirty water tanks, water pump, accumulator.

Van sink 1.JPG
Van sink 2.JPG

Hidden slide-out composting toilet (2 compartments)

Van toilet 2.JPG
Van toilet 3.JPG
Van toilet 1.JPG

Painting (surprise colors and work by Abby 😊)

Van painting 1.JPG

Hanging cabinets and shelves

Van hanging cabinets 1.JPG
Van hanging cabinets 2.JPG
Van almost final 1.JPG
Van almost final 2.JPG
Van almost finished 3.JPG
Van almost finished 4.JPG
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