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Benny Borremans is a researcher who has worked in the

field of disease ecology since 2010, including work on

rodent- and bat-borne viruses, and pathogenic bacteria

in marine mammals and island foxes off the California coast.

He combines experimental and observational field work

with statistical and mathematical modeling.


He received his PhD in Biology in 2015 at the University of

Antwerp (Belgium) with Prof. Herwig Leirs and Dr. Jonas

Reijniers, after which he did a postdoc at UCLA (USA) with

Prof. Jamie Lloyd-Smith. He is currently based in San Diego.


His passion for research and wildlife has led him to found

Wildlife H.E.R.O in 2023.

When Benny is not out catching sea lions or coding models,

you can find him training for triathlons, trying to surf or

recovering from either with a book.


List of publications (including full text PDFs).

The Wildlife Health Ecology Research Organization (Wildlife H.E.R.O.)

was founded by Dr. Benny Borremans.

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